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(La Celia, Risaralda, 1954)

I fell in love textile work of indigenous communities in my country (Colombia) when visiting any of them or get my hands on one of his pieces made with natural fibers dyed by themselves, as their baskets characterized by their variety of shapes, sizes and geometric designs that are intertwined fibers. And articles made of wool, a refined taste. always asking how they would do to look so beautiful combinations in their backpacks, hammocks and in their everyday garments like skirts, ponchos (ponchos), caps and accessories for decoration, such as necklaces and bracelets.

I also influenced the splendor of the fauna and flora, beautiful and bright colors that nature gives to every corner of the earth he saw me grow. Every little leaf, every seed, every bit of tree, every stone or rock, are like a small treasure that can capture the essence of my roots in my works. For this reason I became a collector of such items.

I had the opportunity to have as teachers and Sastre Martha Martha Elena Rios, a few great artists who taught me the techniques of weaving high-warp tapestries, which allowed me to continue experimenting, creating my own works and exhibit in the city of Pereira .

Also during my years of working with children / as, youth and adults with special educational needs (Down's syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and other conditions) applied the technique of tapestry and other forms of art as a therapeutic and educational alternative.

Since 2006 I live in Catalonia, in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, where in the neighborhood of Raval found the Escola tèxtil the Teranyina workshop led by artist Maria Teresa Rosa Aguayo, with which I have learned and perfected new techniques.
In my own studio workshop I apply everything learned over the years creating my own works.

For the manufacture of carpets using materials such as wool, plant fibers such as jute (sisal) and cotton scraps of leather, horsehair and other elements such as copper tubes, aluminum, coconut shells, seeds , plastics, ceramics and recycled elements.

For different hues to wool and other materials, I prefer natural dyes, picking some used by our indigenous plants. I try to res

cue these techniques out of respect for them, their culture, their tradition and the environment.

I have recently done, in the Teranyina escola taller

tèxtil, courses of:

Introduction to the felt technique (Teresa Rosa Aguayo).

Natural dyes (Manel Subirats)

Ecoprint, botanical printing technique (Pilar


1995 Pereira (Risaralda, Colombia) Sala de exposiciones del teatro Santiago Londoño
1996 Pereira (Risaralda, Colombia) Auditorio de Confamiliar Risaralda
1997 Pereira (Risaralda, Colombia) Sindicato de educadores de Risaralda
1997 Pereira (Risaralda, Colombia) Centro de arte actual
1999 Pereira (Risaralda, Colombia) Sindicato de educadores de Risaralda
2001 Pereira (Risaralda, Colombia) Auditorio de la fundación CINDES

2015 Barcelona (Catalonia) Exposició tèxtil a Paella Showroom

2016 Barcelona (Catalonia) Exposició TOCS DE DIVERSITAT a Diagonal Art Barcelona

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